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Well established in the document scanners market, Canon offers a wide range of office printing equipment for every need in Vancouver BC, Canada. As a Partner, Automation One offers you the full range of “Enterprise” equipment and consumables at competitive prices.

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More About Document Scanners

Document Scanner in Vancouver

The future of office work is digital, paper as a data medium is now considered obsolete. A paperless office ensures an workflow and is also environmentally friendly. In the private sector, too, consumers are increasingly turning to digitization. A document scanner proves to be indispensable. Whether invoices or receipts, project documents or business cards – a desktop scanner supports you in converting numerous paper documents into digital form.

The office document scans your documents at up to 26 pages or 52 images per minute at a resolution of 300 dpi. At 600 dpi, the speed is understandably a bit slower, but consumers say it’s satisfactory.

Vancouver document scanners also allow double-sided scanning in a single pass. The software automatically detects and corrects errors such as blank or crooked pages.

In addition, portable document scanners are very convenient for small companies and even large companies.

Can the document scanner also read the documents from both sides?

Of course, double scanning in a single pass is now very easy and advanced technology. It makes our life much easier in our office or company life.

Can the scans be saved directly to a USB stick or is it absolutely necessary to connect a PC/notebook?

Unfortunately, saving to a stick is not feasible. You must connect the document scanner to a computer.

Can minor defects such as paper creases or creases be eliminated during scanning?

This may not always be perfect, but it can work. Additionally, holes can be removed during scanning for a better view.

How to find the right document scanner?

Vancouver document scanners are generally designed as feed or pull scanners and can comfortably handle document stacks of 40 or 1000 pages, depending on the design. Most models are capable of simultaneously scanning front and back with a single scan using two CCD sensor strips. Also, some paper scanners are designed as a combination of slide or flatbed scanners to scan bound documents without destroying them. Document scanners usually have an optical resolution of 200-400 ppi, although scan quality depends on the resolution selected or available, but 600-1400 ppi is now also possible. For scanning text documents or journal articles, resolutions of 150 to 300 dpi (200 to 300 dpi as a text recognition (OCR) basis are recommended. Higher resolutions document are very useful for scanning images. You can choose high resolutions document scanners according to your needs or workplace.

What are the advantages of document scanners?

Document scanners provides fewer paper jams and better paper feed for more documents per minute.

  • It has automatic page straightening, no curve scanning
  • Document scanners have aspect ratio and auto crop
  • Contrast and brightness are adjusted automatically.
  • Automatic detection of blank pages
  • Vancouver document scanners set scan settings such as resolution and color space, and filters out colors.
  • It has wide format scanning capability

Recommended Document Scanner in Vancouver

Canon is one of the best document scanners for your invoices, personal documents, office or company. It is a successful document scanner with its high resolution, quality and speed. There are types with high capacity format feature. For your big companies or small companies or even your personal office, this document scanner will be very useful to you.

Commercial document scanner are essential whether small business or large. Automation One have many document scanner for your commerical business or big or small company. The Automation One team offers the best document scanner for you. If you are looking for a document scanner for your business, you are in the right place. Don’t forget to contact us for more information.

Vancouver Document Scanners Sales

Before buying a new scanner for the company or the office, it is important to clarify some important questions about the regular requirement profile. A qualified purchase decision can only be made after it has been defined which properties the document scanner requires.