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Office printers are a necessary component of any contemporary workplace. They offer a practical way to quickly and effectively print documents, pictures, and other materials. Businesses can save time and money while boosting productivity with the right office printer.

Office printers are available in a wide range of styles and dimensions to suit the requirements of any company. From small desktop models for individual use to large multi-function devices that can handle high-volume printing jobs, there is a wide range of options. Moreover, a lot of business printers these days come with extra features like wireless connectivity, duplex printing, and scan-to-email capabilities. Businesses can easily handle their printing needs with ease and efficiency if they have the right office printer in place.

Well established in the office printers market, Canon, Lexmark and Xerox offers a wide range of office printing equipment for every need in Vancouver BC, Canada. As a Partner, Automation One offers you the full range of “Enterprise” equipment and consumables at competitive prices.

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More About Office Printers

Commercial Office Printers

Every company makes individual demands on the range of functions of its own printers. Before investing in a new best office printer, these requirements should be clearly defined. Not only the purchase price of the device should be included in the purchase decision, but it also makes sense to consider the follow-up costs for the consumables.

Before making a purchase, it is therefore important to discuss the following questions in detail:

    • How many users should work with the device?
    • What exactly do you want to do with the device?
    • Approximately how many pages are printed on the device per month?
    • Would you like to print/copy in colour?
    • Which paper formats do you want to print on?
    • Would you like to be able to print on both sides (duplex)?
    • How many paper trays do you need?
    • Do you prefer a technology?
    • Which interfaces do you need?
    • Would you like to print wirelessly (WLan)?
    • Can the printer only have certain dimensions?
    • Do you prefer a certain manufacturer?

Business Office Printer

Various manufacturers have specialized in the printer sector and offer a variety of different models, so that a suitable device can be found for every requirement. These include the best manufacturers:

    • Canon: In the printer segment, Canon has specialized in home, photo and office printers and also offers professional photo printers.
    • Lexmark: Lexmark is a US based printer hardware and software company. Lexmark specializes in laser multifunction printers and matrix printers.
    • Xerox: Xerox Corporation is an American technology and service company active in the field of document management. This also includes the manufacture of laser printers.

Office Printers by Company Size

Different company sizes require different properties from printers. Of course, in addition to the size of the company, the industry must also be taken into account in order to meet the individual requirements of the printer.

Best Small Office Printers for Small Businesses

Printers used in small businesses or in the home office often print fewer pages than in a larger company. The requirements for the print volume to be managed are therefore lower. As a result, in these cases you can use a smaller, more compact device that does not take up as much space in the room.

As an office printer in the home office or for a small company with a few employees, the purchase of a multifunction device should be considered. The advantage of an all-in-one device lies in the space savings and the extended functionality. In addition to a printer, a scanner, copier and often a fax are also included.

Best Office Printers for Medium Sized Companies and Government Offices

Printers for medium-sized businesses and government agencies can also be stand-alone office printers or network-enabled multifunction devices. Here it is important to consider the respective requirements of the industry and the workflow in the company.

The models chosen as office printers for medium-sized companies are mostly powerful network printers. Centrally placed, they can be used effectively by several departments via network integration.

Best Office Printers for Large Companies

Large companies should consider a few important criteria when choosing a printer. Especially when several groups of people or departments access a printer, the focus is on data protection and user identification.

In addition, it can make sense to use devices that have several paper trays and can thus handle a high print volume without having to constantly refill paper. In large companies, the needs of the individual departments should also be addressed individually.

Vancouver Office Printers Sales

Before buying a new printer for the company or the office, it is important to clarify some important questions about the regular requirement profile. A qualified purchase decision can only be made after it has been defined which properties the office printer requires.