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Well established in the large format printers market, Canon and Océ offers a wide range of office printing equipment for every need in Vancouver BC, Canada. As a Partner, Automation One offers you the full range of “Enterprise” equipment and consumables at competitive prices.

Buy the best large format printers from the most trusted authorized dealer in Vancouver BC, Canada. We are a reliable large format (wide) printers supplier, dealer, store & service company.

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More About Large Format Printers

Large Format Printer in Vancouver

Large format printers are used for drawings, templates, building plans, posters, etc. in architectural offices, industry, and advertising and production printing. It is an important device for creating. The main focus is on formats such as A0, A1 and A2. Some devices are also designed up to DIN A3, as most conventional wide format printers are mainly designed for formats up to DIN A4.

Besides these, large format printing is also a space issue. The larger the result, the larger the corresponding printer must not be. Large size printers are used to print surfaces. However, functionality is a decisive factor that should not be overlooked.

Many large format printers print on paper, optionally on cardboard, plastic film, vinyl or fabric.

Oversized printers produce images based on pixels and large format printers are used to print surfaces. In addition, many large format printers offer the option of printing on roll paper.

Large photo printers are designed to produce high quality prints of digital images. There are many differences from normal printers due to various technical subtleties. It is important to use high temperatures for improved inkjet technology and a perfect printing result. Compared with ordinary ink, colors clearly differ greatly in gloss, light fastness and durability.

What are Their Application Areas?

Large format multifunction printers are less useful for the home but quite useful in offices or architectural firms. Large format all in one printers are also often the centerpiece of production. For this reason, it is frequently used on billboards and banners. It is also used in the graphics industry. In addition, it is widely used in professional photo printing. Gallery-quality photo prints, photo enlargements, and the like are usually created on such printers in this area.

Buy Large Format Printer

Before you buy a large format printer, you need to think about what you really want. Do you value high-resolution photo printing or fast print speeds? You need to answer yourself first. In another example if you need to not only print but also copy, scan or even fax then you need a multifunction device.

The possibility of printing up to DIN A0 with large printers is of course reflected in the dimensions of these printers. Ie a correspondingly large amount of floor space is required. For this reason, plotters and large size printers are mostly used in companies and offices, not in home use.

A wide format printer is essential and useful for companies and offices that constantly need lots of large-format output. Because applying to external service providers in this area can be a heavy burden on the budget in the long run. Checking your own outputs is also a major plus here. Because not everyone wants to expose their data outside. Especially at this time when data protection and security are paramount, this is often a very important reason to buy your own device.

Canon Wide Format Printer in Vancouver

Our Vancouver Canon large format printers provide fast, reliable and cost-effective printing solutions without sacrificing quality. You have the opportunity to choose between 5, 8 or 12 color models. Our Vancouver Automation One team is always by your side to ensure you always benefit from the high standards set by Canon wide format printers. Offering less waste and higher productivity with legendary reliability, Canon is no doubt recommending it to 90% of customers.

Large format commercial printers are essential whether business or firm. Automation One have many multifunction printers for your commerical business or company. The Automation One team offers the best large format printer for you. If you are looking for a large format printer products for your business, you are in the right place. Don’t forget to contact us for more information.

Vancouver Large Format Printers Sales

Before buying a new printer for the company or the office, it is important to clarify some important questions about the regular requirement profile. A qualified purchase decision can only be made after it has been defined which properties the large format printer requires.