Francotyp Postalia FPi 5700 Folder Inserter




High Volume

Boost mailroom efficiency one job at a time

The Francotyp Postalia FPi 5700 turns any mail center into a strategic business asset by providing a platform for processing your business critical mailings. The FPi 5700 is equipped with a suite of features designed to make mailing more productive and secure. The enhanced user experience allows the user to maintain easy, uninterrupted mail production.

Easy Operation

Simply load the documents and envelopes and press start. The Francotyp Postalia FPi 5700 automatically processes the job for you. Plus, the full colour, interactive graphic touchscreen lets you intuitively control all machine functions.

Smart, Customizable Feeders

The FPi 5700 Folder Inserter has intelligent feeders that can process different sized documents. They can also be customized with the capacity to fit any job. The FPi 5700 features an envelope feeder that allows you to load envelopes on-the-fly for uninterrupted processing.


Overcome the challenges of protecting your sensitive, business critical documents with the FPi 5700’s robust security features.


More About FP

Francotyp Postalia, initialized ‘FP,’ is a leader in office mailing systems. Founded in Germany in 1923, FP has been in operation for nearly 100 years.

FP has always been at the forefront of innovation, introducing the first automatic mailing machine, the first electronic mailing machine, the first digital mailing machine, the first inkjet machine and more recently the first multi-carrier machine to meet the new de-regulated age. It is this dedication to continual innovation that makes the company so trusted as the go-to mailing solution for businesses in the mailing equipment industry.

Each mailing machine is manufactured with the utmost care just outside of Berlin, Germany. With a full range of mailing equipment, accounting and postage software, FP is able to suit the needs of any business. No matter if the customer has a large mailroom or is simply a small business, FP has the tailored postage meter system right for each and every customer’s unique needs.

Being a provider of postage meter equipment, FP prides itself on simplifying mailroom operations for customers. As an Authorized Dealer in the Metro Vancouver area for Francotyp Postalia products, Automation One is committed to extending our customers elite level customer service and care on their FP mailing equipment.


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