The Pros and Cons of Large Format Print Technology

How can copy machines is a better option for your new business?

If your business produces oversized materials, then Large Format Printers are a great choice for you. These printers can print documents wider than traditional or multifunction printers. Moreover, these printers can available in a variety of widths ranging from 18 to 100 inches. The other reason for using a wide format printer is the speed. These printers can produce up to 15 large posters per hour. It is the best thing to have the freedom to create large, graphics-rich marketing materials and have them in a few minutes.

Adding a large format printer to your business’s workflow can provide you benefits around turnaround time, confidentiality, security, and even cost. On the basis of your top objectives and print requirements, this type of investment will be worth considering.  

Why do large format printers matter?

The ability to print high-quality images in a quick time without having to outsource to a vendor offer greater control and flexibility which makes wide format printer widely popular. If large format printing sounds interesting to you, but you are not sure whether or not you should take benefits from it, look below for pros and cons which can help you to decide whether a large format printer is suitable for your business or not.


• Great choice for advertising

Large format printers are commonly used to create banners, posters, billboards, and other types of advertising mediums. The products that the wide format printer offers have the capabilities to create are designed to draw attention and very useful for high impacting advertisements.

• Less waste

Unlike traditional offset printing, this printer allows you to print on demand so you only get what you need, so you don’t need to worry about any extra waste. 

• Very fast

 Mainly, large format printing and digital printing use similar production processes, which means that wide-format printers can also offer the same speed that digital printers do. Moreover, with the help of this printing, you can have your banners and posters on a tight schedule. 

• Build to last

Your large format printing can be used to make banners that can be put on display for weeks or even months. Apart from this, this type of printing also is used in the production of billboards and transit graphics which can last through all types of weather without fading.


  • Might not be according to your needs

Large format printing is designed specifically for larger materials. If you’re not looking to print off banners or adverts, then large format printing is not what you need. Moreover, these printers are made for a pretty specific purpose, so don’t waste your time considering it if you’re not in need of the exact products it offers.

  • Can be problematic to get right

Large format printers offer a wide variety of mediums, but each one is changeable and requires the exact right kind of ink to turn out correctly. You have numerous options for inks including acid dyes, pigmented textile inks, dye sublimation inks, UV-curable textile inks, disperse dyes, and reactive dye inks with every kind of material, which can create problems for the users, especially for new workers.

Automation One, leading Office Equipment Vancouver and solution provider, can help you in getting upgraded and innovative office equipment, including the latest models of large format printers.

Automation One Staff
Automation One Staff
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